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01 Feb 2018

PrestaShop Cloud vs hosted PrestaShop: what's the difference?

With PrestaShop, among the most popular e-commerce CMS platforms, now you can also select the PrestaShop Cloud alternative, which is entirely free. What the differences with the hosted version of PrestaShop, such as the one which you can use with Site Grounds? Moreover, what version suits your requirements best?


Of all of the websites using a CMS (39.9% of websites), 60.3 % use WordPress. However, this is not the optimal solution for an e-commerce platform. For this, Magento (1.1% of all sites and 2.9% of CMS sites) and PrestaShop (0.5% of all sites and 1.3% of CMS sites) are the absolute leaders (Source: W3techs)


However, just like two versions of WordPress ( and -- see our comparison), there's now also a ready-to-use variant of PrestaShop, which you can use for free from the cloud. What are the advantages and disadvantages? What are the constraints? Moreover, most importantly: what solution will fit your needs best?


You may select your provider and the program that you desire (shared or hosting). Domain name free subdomain ( or you can get your own domain connected to the free shop. You host the PrestaShop CMS in your domain name. SetupReady to use, no setup required. You need to download and install the CMS yourself. We at Combell can take this burden off your hands at no cost. StyleLimited customisation. You can:

-          Change the colour, layout and font of this conventional theme

-          Alternatively, choose a new theme from the PrestaShop Addons shop.

-          CharacteristicsEach module in the Add-ons selection can be bought and installed.

-          You can pick from the Add-ons choice, upload modules that you find elsewhere or have custom modules developed.

-          You could even install free modules. ControlPrestaShop oversees your shop; you can just manage/add your services and products through the Store Editor.

-          You have complete control over your shop.

Full access to the database through phpMyAdmin; you can make modifications to the SQL database. Complete control over the source code.

FTP accessAccess only to upload new topics -- access restricted to certain folders. Full FTP access to your shop.

You may use SSL once you have bought and installed an SSL certificate.

Service via the PrestaShop Support Program or the forums. Is dependent upon the support offered by your hosting provider (Combell provides 24/7 support with a toll-free amount). What solution will fit your needs best?

If you would like to start an e-commerce shop very quickly, with no programming knowledge, and with a limited budget, then PrestaShop Cloud may be a great solution for you. Choose it if you provide a limited number of goods and do not have to modify your product range too frequently. Making modifications to the database is really quite awkward through the Store Editor. Also, bear in mind that, if you intend to broaden your internet store in a later stage, you may not have the ability to export the code, meaning you will have to rebuild all of your web stores!


For a shop that carries several products, with a regularly changing product range, it's ideal to go right for professional PrestaShop Hosting. As a result of the phpMyAdmin access, you can manage your product range directly in the SQL database. You are able to decide on the vital modules and themes or have custom modules developed. This alternative requires a larger initial funding, but provides more chances of future business growth.

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PrestaShop Hosting

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