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As you may see email marketing as an obsolete strategy, the stats contradict your thought processes. Here are only a couple figures (found on the internet) to get your head around.So, how do you think email advertising may be the best way to go? With the support of an email marketing digital agency such as ours, your target audience will feel closer to you; this is not an advertisement amongst the hordes of articles on Facebook or Twitter, but a bit of content that is landing directly into your customers' inboxes.

Emails are more private -- and that is a truth. They also give off a more professional atmosphere than social media websites might. In addition to that, they will afford you the benefit of an ever-growing mailing list of 'readers' to advertise to, as and when you've got something that'll interest them an offer, or a FREE eBook, for instance.   

Email marketing is one of a couple of marketing and advertising channels which you own, and building an engaged audience through email is still a terrific way to reach a targeted audience for your products and services. Due to an email marketing agency such as ours, however, you will not just catch their attention but retain it. We'll help you build a strong connection with your audience and make sure they come back for more.

Using the plan we have both agreed on, we will finalise the plan in a manner that's consistent with your company's brand and colours. We'll also ensure all links are equally compelling to click on and are functioning correctly. We provide one round of revisions also, should you require them.

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